Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Every now and then...

I come up with a pretty good idea.

Here's the story:
My children's choir is supposed to sing at Mass once a month. They were scheduled to sing this Saturday, but because of a last minute visiting choir, they got bumped. I couldn't re-schedule them to next week because we are moving! AH!

I felt terrible for canceling on them, and wanted to make up for it by finding another opportunity for them to sing before their big Christmas Mass. That's when I came up with the first annual Front Step Christmas.

After the Saturday night mass on 12/8, the kiddos are going to line up on the front steps of the Basilica and sing Christmas carols for about a half hour. Each student will bring cookies or bars beforehand, which we will serve to the crowd as they listen to the carols. The church will be providing hot cocoa and water, and all of this will take place outside. I hope people love this idea as much as I do! I had them practicing some of the carols inside today, but without the piano accompaniment, and their voices are so angelic. You would never guess that they are actually really naughty most of the time!

For some reason, I picture them each holding little candles, wearing red and white little choir robes, and singing as there is a softly falling snow. It's really all in my head, because 1) I would never trust any of the kids in my children's choir with a candle...I can already see some girl's hair starting on fire. 2) They don't even have choir robes, let alone red and white ones, and I would be far-fetched to find 90 of them before 12/8. 3) I hope it snows, but if past years are any indication, I should schedule this event for late January if I want snow to be falling.

I can't wait for this event. If you're in town, you should come! :)

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Jennifer said...

Since Blogger's had an error every time I've tried to leave a comment on this post, here's my fourth go at it:
Sounds awesome! You should have them sing 'Joy to the World' the way the Vienna Boys Choir does. "Joy, joy, jo-y, joy to the wor-ld..."