Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I'm dreaming

Of this new washer and dryer set. This pair from LG was ranked best in Consumer Reports, and have some killer features including the new steamfresh technology. Now, I'm hoping for a killer day after Thanksgiving sale.

However, I don't want them in navy. Here's just a little glimpse of the glorious red version! It's so pretty, I'm always going to find a reason to do laundry! :)


Anonymous said...

How much do those bad boys retail for?


Becky said...

Best buy online says $1399 for the washer, but when we visited our Best Buy, it was selling for $1199.

The red ones are a little cheaper than the Navy. It's the same machine, but the Navy have an LCD display screen.

A little pricey, but according to my trusted consumer reports, the minimum dished out for a washer that is energy efficient and still gets your clothes clean is $900...

Here's hoping there's a great sale!!!!