Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lucky lady

Last night, there was a fish fry for the parish. I had been watching all the lovely donated raffle prizes come in the door, and gathering in the front office. I spotted a couple that I liked, handed over $10, and had one of the ladies in the office buy me chances since I knew I wouldn't be in town to attend. I only had her put my chances on three items. One that I chose, and two at her discretion.

I won two of three. Not bad huh?

The first, was a plate featuring all of the local parishes. It seems like everyone in town has one of these plates, so I suppose it's about time I got one {the best part is that I didn't have to pay $20 for it!}. The second, was the one that I most wanted: a beautiful Nativity set complete with custom-made wooden stable. It's going to look great in our new house this Christmas!

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jando_27 said...

oooh! so pretty! I love the nativity set! Who made it?